Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of individuals from different areas of Switzerland County and governs the Community Foundation of Switzerland County. Board members can serve up to two three-year terms.

2018 Board of Directors

Dick Yanikoski, President

Karen Miller, Vice President

John Sieglitz, Secretary

Phyllis Weaver, Treasurer

Debbie Allen

Ginger Furnish

Peggy Higgins

Denise Lieland

Paul Schmitt

Rachel Schuler


2018 Committee Members

Russ Brink

Stephanie Furnish

Jill Hutcherson

Roger Nay

Jennifer Scudder

Board Alumni

Our success has been made possible by the outstanding efforts of our past board members. Their commitment of time and talent has been extraordinary and the Switzerland County community will forever be grateful for their vision and dedication.

Sandy Althoff K.C. Banta Craig Bond
Joy Briggs Adam Cole Jim Cole
Phyllis Collier Nancy Craig Mary Jane Demaree
Robert Findley Judy Firth Pete Furnish*
Sondra Furnish Darin Gullion Darrell Hansel
David Hickman Michelle Hicks Jill Hutcherson
Shannon Jackson Lary Jones John Keeton
Steven Konkle Roy Leap Rick Lewis
Ruth Lohide Steve Lyons Bobbi Marksberry
Brenda McCreary Russell McSwain* Kip Meyerhoff
Rose Monjar Roger Nay Helen Parks
Bev Parrott* Roger Parrott Jim Phipps
Shannon Phipps Wilma Rosenberger Jennifer Scudder
Rita Sullivan Cindy Welch Jessica Whitham
Bruce Williams Kirk Works*