Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a standard format for applications?

Yes, the guidelines on how to apply for a grant can be found under the Guidelines tab.

Will the Community Foundation staff discuss proposal ideas before submission?

Yes, we encourage grant seekers to contact Pam Acton at the Foundation's office if you are unsure whether your proposal fits into the Foundation's guidelines.  She can be reached at or 812-427-9160.

Does the Foundation award grants to individuals?

No. The Foundation only awards grants to qualified public charities or programs/projects that are charitable in nature. However, individuals can receive scholarships to assist them in paying for college.

What can I expect after my organization's proposal is funded?

The Foundation will present you with an award letter along with a grant agreement. You must sign and return one copy of the agreement to confirm that you agree to its terms. After receiving the agreement, the Foundation will release your funds when you request them and are ready to begin your program/project.

Will I need to report on the grant?

Yes, the Foundation requires a final report from you about the project. All requirements from past grants must be current in order to be eligible to apply for additional grants.