Grants Awarded from the Community Fund


Community Mental Health Center

$5,000 to train staff for a new addiction treatment service in Switzerland County.

Dearborn County Hospital

$8,809 to purchase First Response medical equipment and equipment for the training rooms.

Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry, Inc.

$1,500 to support the Switzerland County program where hunters and farmers donate large game and livestock to a participating butcher to be processed and donated to the local food pantry.

LifeTime Resources Inc.

$7,000 to purchase a new Catch-A-Ride vehicle for Switzerland County.

Swiss Wine Festival

$5,000 to creat a booklet featuring the history of the Wine Festival.

Switzerland County After Prom

$5,000 for the 2016 After Prom to help with prizes, food and entertainment.

Switzerland County Emergency Response

$2,700 to install On Spot tire chains on the new county-owned ambulance.

Switzerland County High School

$3,632 to purchase RealCare babies for students in the Child Development classes.

Switzerland County Soccer Association

$4,300 to purchase three sets of goals in order to be compliant with the United States Soccer Federation.

Switzerland County YMCA

$3,800 to purchase two pieces of fitness equipment.

Youth Pacer Athletic Corp.

$4,300 to purchase insurance and equipment for the youth football program.


Community Mental Health Center

$2,400 for a Creative Theater project this summer for children ages 7-15.

Lifetime Resources

$7,000 for a local match to purchase a Catch-A-Ride vehicle for Switzerland County.

Purdue University- Switzerland County Extension

$2,150 for programming, including the 10th Grade Leadership progam, the Mini 4-H program, Ag Day, Nutrition in the Classroom program, etc.

Salvation Army

$8,000 for their Emergency Assistance Program. 

Southeastern Career Center

$2,178 to purchase styling chairs & simulators for their cosmetology program.

Switzerland County After Prom

$3,000 to help with prizes, food & entertainment.

Switzerland County Economic Development Corporation/EcO15

$12,000 to hire a "Getting Positioned for Success" adult education coach.

Switzerland County Food Pantry

$1,800 to purchase three chest freezers.

Switzerland County Health Department

$2,100 to purchase sharps containers and pay for a monthly service to safely dispose of the sharps.

Switzerland County High School

$2,400 for a field trip to the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company.

Switzerland County Homemakers/Switzerland County Fair Board

$3,000 for a pilot "WE DELIVER" nutritious weekend food program.

Switzerland County Nurse Managed Clinic

$5,000 to assist uninsured and under-insured residents, as well as purchase an Autoclave to sterlize medical equipment.

Switzerland County School Corporation

$5,300 to bring the "Rachel's Challenge, Start a Chain Reaction" program to Switzerland County.


Angel Tree

$3,000 to help fund the 2014 Christmas Angel Tree program.

Boy Scout Troop 700

$1,242 to help purchase four camping tents.

Community Mental Health

$4,950 to enable eleven children with serious emotional disturbances to participate in an equine program.

Jefferson County Youth Shelter

$2,000 for a program that teaches Switzerland County's 5th & 6th graders about the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana. 

Quercus Grove UMC Food Pantry

$5,000 to help purchase food for the monthly food distributions.

Switzerland County Elementary School

$2,000 for Family Fun Night.

Switzerland County EMS

$5,000 to purchase mass casualty incident supplies.

Switzerland County Nurse Managed Clinic

$3,000 for their Uninsured, Under-Insured and Indigent Resident's Assistance Program.

Switzerland County Public Library

$1,135 for workshops, trainings and other events during Emergency Preparedness Month in September.

Switzerland County Salvation Army

$3,000 to help with the emergency assistance program.

Switzerland County School Corporation

$2,500 matching grant to purchase goal posts for the practice field.


Boy Scout Troop 700

$1,500 to purchase an enclosed 16x32 aluminum expandable frame military shelter. 

Community Mental Health Center

$5,000 to purchase furniture for their recently purchased office building in Vevay.

Daughters of the American Revolution

$1,200 for a plaque memorializing Revolutionary War Patriots from Switzerland County. 

Developmental Services, Inc.

$1,800 to start a program called Kid’s Day Out in Switzerland County. 

Historic Hoosier Hills RC&D

$1,000 to assist them in producing a 60-minute film highlighting the history and culture of Dearborn, Ohio, Ripley and Switzerland counties. 

Region 15 Children's Advocacy Center

$1,200 to purchase fundraising software, to create a newsletter template and to purchase children's snacks.

River Valley Resources

$2,000 to provide scholarship funds to underwrite GED testing fees for Switzerland County residents. 

The Salvation Army

$5,000 for their Emergency Assistance Program. 

Switzerland County 4-H Club Committee

$1,300 to purchase archery equipment for their Shooting Sports program. 

Switzerland County Emergency Medical Services

$2,359 to purchase an Actfast choking vest and other supplies for their KIDS (Keeping It Downright Safe) program.

Switzerland County High School After Prom

$1,000 to help with the expenses of their event. 

Switzerland County Historical Society

$5,000 for a matching grant challenge from the Paul Ogle Foundation to be used to intall a parking lot at the Agricultural Museum Center.

Switzerland County School Corporation

$2,000 to assist with their Earth Day program. 

Switzerland County YMCA

$5,000 to assist with the start-up of a new program with the school system that will address childhood obesity prevention.

Town of Patriot Municipal Water Utility

$1,000 to assist with Patriot Water improvements.