Frequently Asked Questions


When can I apply for scholarships offered by the Community Foundation?

Applications are available in December of each year.  The application deadline for 2019 is February 21st and awards are announced in May/June.  An exception is the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship. Applications are available in June of each year with a deadline in August.

How do I apply for the scholarships?

The application process is now exclusively online.  Under Foundation Scholarships, you will find a link that will direct you to the online application for Community Foundation scholarships.  The Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship is the only scholarship with its own application and can be found under Lilly Scholarship.

Besides the scholarships offered through the Community Foundation, are there other scholarships for which I may apply?

Yes, check with your high school guidance office for other local scholarships that may be available to you.

I don't have the best grades. Can I still be considered for a scholarship?

Most definitely! Some of our scholarships are based on grades, but many are based on others things such as program of study, community service, etc. Good grades help, but are not a requirement for all scholarships.

How are scholarship recipients chosen?

Each scholarship has its own selection committee that was determined when the scholarship was established. Committee members may not be related to applicants and must abstain from decision-making if there appears to be a conflict of interest. The committee makes their recommendations to the Foundation's Board of Directors, who approves the scholarship recipients.