Types of Funds

The Community Foundation of Switzerland County knows people have varying preferences when it comes to charitable giving. That's why we offer a number of types of funds from which to choose.

Community Funds

To meet ever-changing community needs
Community Funds provide the Foundation with the greatest flexibility in responding to the ever-changing community needs and grant requests from local nonprofit organizations.

Field of Interest Funds

To benefit specific areas of community life
Field of Interest Funds support areas of particular interest to the donor, such as children, the arts, education, or needs of the elderly. The Foundation then selects the agencies or programs that fit the donor's wishes.

Donor Advised Funds

A personal "hands-on" approach to giving
Donor Advised Funds provide donors with the ongoing opportunity of recommending grants from the fund they establish, subject to approval by the Foundation's Board of Directors and certain legal restrictions. They are an excellent alternative to a private foundation.

Designated Funds

For donors with specific charities in mind
Designated Funds are created by donors who wish to provide support to one or more specific charitable organizations of their choice. Should the designated organization, or the purpose it serves, cease to exist, the Foundation will re-allocate the fund's income to reflect the donor's original wishes.

Scholarship Funds

A good life begins with a good education
Scholarship Funds may be tailored to assist students with advanced educational opportunities or to support a specific educational institution of the donor's choosing. More information about scholarships can be found in the Scholarship section.

Acorn Funds

Growing a fund
Acorn Funds are designed to allow a donor to gradually add money to a fund until it reaches the $5,000 minimum. Once it reaches the $5,000 minimum, the donor can convert it to any of the types of funds described above.

Nonpermanent Funds

Provide flexible giving
Nonpermanent Funds can be totally granted out and allow donors flexibility in giving. For example, donors can annually decide how much they want to give charities, make a lump sum gift into their fund, and then from time to time advise the Foundation on how they would like a grant from their fund to be used.

For more information about the types of funds available, contact us.